AINL'2019: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language
20-22 of November 2019, Tartu, Estonia
The AINL conference has been held since 2012 and is attended by representatives of leading IT companies and startups, research teams and academic institutes. The conference aimed to bring together experts in the areas of AI and NLP; to create a platform for sharing experience, extending contacts and searching for possible collaboration. It combines the features of an industrial exhibition and a scientific conference. In 2018, the conference was attended by about a hundred people from Russia, Estonia, Italy, Japan, France and other countries. Almost 20 scientific presentations were made, several interactive seminars were held, and the industrial section was presented by companies such as Yandex, Huawei, Sberbank, IPavlov, Just AI and others. Conference materials of the past years (presentation slides and reports video recordings) are available at the conference website.
Conference topics in 2019
Natural Language Processing
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning for NLP
Information Retrieval
Social Media and Social Network Analysis
Speech Generation and Recognition, Spoken Language Processing
Human-Computer Interfaces, Dialogue Systems
Big Data and Data Mining
Context Analysis, Text Mining
Plagiarism Detection, Author Profiling and Authorship Detection
Machine Translation, Crosslingual and Multilingual applications
The AINL'2019 conference will feature works in three main tracks: reports on technologies and applied research, reviews of ready-made applications and products related to AI and NL, demonstrations of working prototypes or applications.


  • Representatives of the companies, projects and startups
  • Academia researchers and professors
  • Under- and postgraduate students.

Program 2019 highlights: Industrial key talks by Jaakko Vainio, Silo.AI and Dmitry Kan, AlphaSense; Tutorial on diachronic word embeddings Andrey Kutuzov, University of Oslo.
OrgIniZING committee
Local Chair Mark Fishel, University of Tartu
Program Chair
Lidia Pivovarova, University of Helsinki
Publication Chair Dmitry Ustalov, Yandex

Andrey Filchenkov, ITMO University
Anastasia Bodrova, Botfuel
Irina Krylova, Yandex
Kseniya Buraya, ITMO University
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