Tartu, Estonia, 20-22 November 2019
AINL: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Conference
The AINL conference series has been organised since 2012
and has developed a set of distinctive features
Strong practical focus
Industrial talks and product demonstrations is an essential part of the conference program
Interactive component
The conference programs includes a number of workshops and panel discussions, as well as poster session and other interactive forms
Student's support
An encouraging attitude towards students and researchers on the early stage of career
Orginizing committee
Local Chair
Program Chair
Publication Chair

Mark Fishel, University of Tartu
Lidia Pivovarova, University of Helsinki
Dmitry Ustalov, University of Mannheim
Andrey Filchenkov, ITMO University
Anastasia Bodrova, Botfuel
Irina Krylova, Yandex
Aleksandr Bugrovsky, ITMO University
Kseniya Buraya, ITMO University
Natalia Khanzhina, ITMO University
Talgat Galimzhanov, ITMO University
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