Human-AI Interaction Workshop
ONLINE, 7th October 2020
The workshop aims to gather together researchers, industry partners and users to present and debate aspects of interaction between humans and artificial agents and applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Recent advances in AI frame opportunities and challenges for interaction and user interface design. Principles for human-AI interaction have been discussed in the human-computer interaction community for several decades, but more study and innovation are needed in light of advances in AI and the growing uses of AI technologies in human-facing applications. A topical example of this are chatbots, which have become mainstream in customer service for businesses and organizations.


Submissions may focus on any aspect of human-AI interaction, including both technical (e.g., technology and implementation) and non-technical (e.g., conversation and linguistics) approaches and focus. In particular, we welcome submissions related to online chats and chatbot systems. Submissions should contain an abstract of max 500 words. If your abstract is accepted, at least one of the authors will have to enroll and attend the conference to present. All presenters will be given the opportunity to publish their work as a paper in a special issue on human-AI interaction of the eSignals online publication (ISSN 2242-9948).


All abstracts presented in the workshop may be completed into a short or regular paper and will be given the opportunity to be published in a special issue on human-AI interaction of the eSignals online publication (ISSN 2242-9948).

We welcome papers in all Human-AI interaction related topics (indicative only)
Dialogue Systems
Conversational AI
Virtual Assistants
Open-domain Chatbots
Human-Computer Interaction in AI systems
Natural Language Processing in Chatbots
Speech User Interfaces
Conversation Modeling
Dialogue State Tracking
Contextual Modeling
Dialogue Representation Learning
Conversation Analysis in Chat
Interactional Linguistics in Chat
Multimodal Interaction Analysis
important dates
Abstract submission deadline
September 15
October 23
Final paper submission
November 11
Notification of acceptance for papers
November 27
Camera-ready submission
September 18
Notification of acceptance for abstracts
Dr. Janne Kauttonen, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Lili Aunimo, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
in cooperation with the AINL organizing committee.
Contact workshop organizers at (Janne Kauttonen)